The purpose and intent of this information is to provide a dedicated, determined, and inspired individual the opportunity to succeed in the creative business which I have dedicated the last thirty-five years of my professional life developing. My original vision to be a dream weaver in the hearts and souls of my community has become a rewarding reality and I highly recommend this formidable yet enjoyable course for all hands-on, quality-driven entrepreneurs.

I offer you this challenge: join me in my vision, make the best use of your abilities, and become a community and an industry leader in the Outbacks of the American Landscape.


Building The Great American Outback

The information herein has been tried and proven to be the most effective means for professional success. Your interest in joining DECKMASTERS systems operations will be rewarded by giving you the opportunity to work one-on-one with experienced, hands-on DECKMASTERS team members who understand a small-business person's point of view. Being part of this nationally recognized brandname, who has developed progressive methodology and blazed the trail in the decking industry, will also give you, a local entrepreneur, the opportunity to compete with both large and small deck competitors.

Be assured that anything short of total commitment will most likely result in a failure to achieve one's highest expectations. Should you accept the challenge, I am confident that your personal pride, artistic imagination, hard work, and effective leadership will provide for you the triumphant results which I have enjoyed over these many years.

My best wishes and congratulations for your interest in this superior operation for your fast lane highway to success.
   --Patrick Henry Nicholson CR. CEO.


To continue to live up to our name as "The Benchmark of Quality" in our marketplace.

DECKMASTERS' Mission Statement

DECKMASTERS will continue to be the leader of artistic design
and the masters of up-scale niche building by:

· Surpassing our client's expectations with total quality management
· Promoting a on-going community commitment at a fair market price
· Offering our team members safe, profitable, quality career opportunities


We believe in the power of a positive attitude as the catalyst to success and adhere to the motto established during World War II
by the United States Navy Construction Battalions U.S.N.C.B. ( the Sea Bees ).

Can Do !




The multi-billion dollar deck industry in the United States of America is growing approximately 15% annually; faster than there are professionals to fill the need. Industry analysts also estimate that franchises in the home service industry have a success ratio of more than 80% after a 10 year period, compared with a 96% fatality rate of the independent remodeler after only five years. Remodeling franchises will be the major players in the home improvement industry's years to come. Growth will continue, even during downturns in the economy. The remodeling industry generally performs well in recessionary times, due to the fact that homeowners are not able to move-up but want to improve their personal living spaces. Consumers are seeking help, and trust speciality home improvement experts. Specialization is the key to efficiency, and decks as a specialty with you as the expert, provide an inexpensive, yet highly prized and resellable home improvement to these consumers.

National trademark brand names, in this day and age, are extremely important to the consumer. A brand name corporation offers a more stable shopping environment and establishes a superior uniform system that the community can rely on. This confidence in the trademark is two-fold, as it allows the brand name to dominate the market as it diminishes the shopper's value of the typical unprofessional competitor.

DECKMASTERS offers you the opportunity to join our established team of experts by becoming a local brand name DECKMASTERS franchise owner or DECKMASTERS trademark licencee within an exclusive, analyzed, and protected territory. As a licensee, you will enjoy the trademark marketpace distinction, and as a franchisee, you can hit the ground running with a uniform system of operations for your new business that will help you supersede the typical sluggish business start that commonly includes fifteen years of struggling to survive in the marketplace.

Why reinvent the wheel? DECKMASTERS has the operation systems ready for you to grasp, utilize, and control for your own financially successful business, not all alone, but as part of a winning team. You will be able to interact with other DECKMASTERS professionals, share information and referrals, build labor networks, and enjoy national affiliations. DECKMASTERS will teach you the "fine art of deck building" even if you have limited design or building experience. We offer you the opportunity to improve your skills in business administration, guerilla marketing, CADD design, sales, production, or bookkeeping. We can teach these concepts, but your desire to learn and succeed is the catalyst needed for us to invite you to share our common goals and aspirations so we may welcome you into our futures and fraternity.

Consider these tested and proven DECKMASTERS Systems of Operation for a accelerated start-up of your new business at the top of your local industry:

  • A Comprehensive Administration Process

  • A Cuting-Edge Marketing Process

  • A Dynamic Sales Process

  • An Efficient Production Process

  • A Simplified Finance Process


DECKMASTERS offers opportunities which include
wholesale material buying power from major industry manufacturers and suppliers including:
Pressure Treated Micronized Lumber
Plastic Lumber
PVC Lumber
Composite Lumber
Stainless Steel
Galvanized Hardware

A DECKMASTERS Franchise offers you the opportunity to be a
part of the "First Team" of the American Deck Industry.

Consider The DECKMASTERS® Brand Name, Registered Trademark, dominant marketplace presence, exclusive analyzed territories, professional business training courses, proprietary systems operations manuals, marketing and advertising savvy, dynamic sales and estimating procedures, CADD project design engineering, comprehensive administrative procedures, pre-planned sunstructures, continuing education, on-going telephone and on-site corporate support, wholesale buying power, industry updates, and other benefits too numerous to mention...and ask yourself:

If you believe this is the opportunity you have been looking for, please complete and submit the
DECKMASTERS Team Consideration Application to corporate office
Or Call 1-877-877 DECK toll free. A DECKMASTERS officer will be happy to help you.


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