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Finding the right builder, the artist that will make your dreams a reality, can be a real challenge. Reliable, modern masters are difficult to find and unfortunately in today's busy society it is much too easy to be lead down the wrong path by convincing amateurs. You deserve an experienced, professional builder with genuine credentials, who leads a team of certified designers and craftsmen.

What a VIEW!!
DECKMASTERS, the first perpetual deck specialist known in the American marketplace, was founded in 1978 by CEO and Design-Builder Patrick Henry Nicholson. Accredited as a Certified Remodeler in 1993 by NARI (The National Association of the Remodeling Industry) , Pat Nicholson has continually been acknowledged as a nationally-known deck innovator and an active teacher of professional excellence throughout the corporation and greater industry.

For over 35 years, DECKMASTERS has set the pace for first class consumer service by being the first to offer local design centers featuring Macintosh 3D CADD (Computer Aided Design Drafting), the finest in consumer visual aid technology to date.

Throughout the years, DECKMASTERS' procedures have furthered the doctrine that management and construction team members must qualify, be trained, and be certified in DECKMASTERS' fine art of deck building. Precise Total Quality Management ("TQM") systems are Standard Operating Procedure and offer you a network of independent professionals that maintain the punctual schedules and deliver the high quality projects that you the consumer deserve.

Back this enduring professionalism up with the ground-breaking, exclusive FOREVERDECK Trademarked Lifetime Workmanship Warranty from each independendent DECKMASTERS office that offers you 100% protection from defects in construction for as long as you own your deck.

Since DECKMASTERS is still the only corporation confident enough to offer such a complete guarantee, it is easy to understand how each DECKMASTERS professional has artistically crafted their way into the hearts of the local consumer with a rare combination of attention to detail, competitive pricing, and a friendly
"On-going" trusted relationship.

Patrick Henry Nicholson CEO
1993 NARI Certified Remodeler
Master Carpenter
Trademark Owner
Corporation Founder

Technologies Incorporated


DECKMASTERS has earned an impressive achievement record with almost 50 awards including nineteen NARI Remodeler of the Year Awards, numerous local community awards, and most importantly, being honored in 1994
in Washington DC as one of the prestigious
"BIG 50 Remodelers Nationwide"
by the editors of the nation's premiere industry publication, Remodeling Magazine.

DECKMASTERS has also been featured in both local and national magazines, newspapers, and on television for the total quality impact DECKMASTERS has made in
the Great American Outback.



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