Evergrain, an industry premier composite decking 
produced exclusively by Tamko Building Products 
Incorporated, is an innovative recycled composite  
material that utilizes a combination of plastic and 
wood fiber. It is compressed molded into a hard, 

Go Green With Recycled
Composite Lumber!

deeply embossed, woodgrain surfaced material 
DECKMASTERS has designed and built scores 
this superior product which has served 
decade. Evergrain withstands exposure to sunlight, 
splinter, and exceeds ADA slip-resistant guidelines. 
leach toxic chemicals into the 
that offers the beautiful look of real wood. 
of custom low-maintenance quality decks using  
DECKMASTERS' clientsvery well for over half a 
snow, ice, and rain. It absorbs little moisture, does not 
The composite materials are compressed as to not 
earth's soil and water.

A Win-Win Team Play
For Deck Customers
Together, Tamko and DECKMASTERS, in conjunction with this high-tech, environmentally friendly building material, has provided a quality low-maintenance deck for scores of DECKMASTERS customers.


A Quality Deck...
Spend more time playing and less time working!
The easy, durable, and guaranteed Evergrain Composite
lumber, and the proven construction techniques
and guaranteed workmanship offered by
DECKMASTERS are a perfect match for
a leisurely summer in the Great American Outback.

True Value Investment
For Your Home
DECKMASTERS' has pioneered advanced construction methods to meet the challenges created by the
marrying of the two dissimilar materials to create
a deck of unmatched quality with a long lasting
aesthetic and monetary value.
The experienced craftsmen of DECKMASTERS utilize pressure treated lumber for sturdy reliable lifetime structure guaranteed against rot and termite damage, and the composite lumber with it's fade-resistant solid-color wood-grain textured surfaces.

A Rainbow of Color Design Options

The palate of fashionable colors provided by Tamko's Evergrain composite lumber allows DECKMASTERS to create a multitude of design options. We welcome you to explore all your choices - fit your own style and extend your home's color scehme, or be brave and try something new!

A Few Minutes Of Maintenance...
A Lifetime of Enjoyment
The low-maintenance of the Evergrain product means the product generally cleans-up with an ordinary soap and water solution, or a medium-pressure water sprayer. No sealing or staining of the material is needed or required, but staining can be used to maintain or alter the color of the product.
Safety First!
The embossed wood-grain deck board floor surface not only adds a realistic wood-like appearance, but also adds an important level of safety. The decking is not slippery when wet!
Are Material Specifications Important to You?
If you are interested in obtaining more information regarding this composite product,
Evergrain Decking Product Data is available by CLICKING HERE.

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