The Standard Of The Industry

Pressure Treated Lumber has been the standard in the American decking industry for over fifty years, and for the last forty, DECKMASTERS has successfully built thousands of custom decks. This residential outdoor wood has successfully combined the real beauty of wood with a lifetime residential Limited Warranty against structural damage caused by fungal decay & termites for above ground AND ground contact applications.

For a homeowner who wants "real wood", Pressure Treated Pine is the product of choice!

A Natural Renewable Resource
The environmental advantages associated with pressure treated wood are noteworthy. This common species wood, a rapidly replenished resource grown on managed timberlands, not only requires less energy to produce than the alternate deck building products, but also reduces greenhouse gases.


What Is Pressure Treated Lumber?
What is special about YellaWood? YellaWood brand products are treated with a micronized copper preservative and a co-biocide. They are treated using the MicroProŽ preservative process, the first wood preservative process to be certified as an Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS). Leaching is reduced and less copper is utilized which causes the material is less corrosive to metal fasteners.

Teaming Quality With Quality For Deck Customers
The value of Yellawood, which has been recognized by deck owners and carries The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, combined with the worth of DECKMASTERS, who have successfully designed and built thousands of custom quality "real wood" decks, creates a Win-Win solution for the local deck consumer.
A Guaranteed Investment
DECKMASTERS clients have enjoyed the worry-free reliability of both Yellawood pressure treated lumber, and the sturdy reliable structure built by DECKMASTERS. Together, we offer a the customer a deck that will not rot or be infested by termites, and a structure that will stand the test of time for the deck owner's needs.
Safety For The Whole Family
Although aging such as check-splitting is a natural characteristic of any outdoor wood, the pressure treated product, when properly kept clean and free of mold, is not slippery when wet!
Unlimited Design Opportunities

The new Yellawood lumber holds paint much better, and due to new lighter natural color, it easily flaunts its natural wood-grain through a stain color promoting a stunning finish appearance.


The Right Price For The Right Needs
Pressure treated lumber is the most economical choice among the modern materials presently utilized in the nation's sundeck industry. This makes it a solid value choice for many deck customers, and offers a great natural product at a reasonable price. YellaWood lumber is the industry's most trusted premier outdoor-wood product.

Properly cleaned and sealed within acceptable limits reduces the aging of the lumber. The wood cleans up quickly with a medium-pressure water sprayer. Sealing or staining of the material is not required but can be utilized to maintain appearance, reduce aging, and alter the color of the wood.
Material Specifications:
Just The Facts
For details on the approved Care & Cleaning procedures for YellaWood products, please visit the manufacturer website HERE

For information on the manufacturer warranty, and material safety data sheetes, CLICK HERE!

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